AV8 Private Jet Charter

AV8 is a personalized and specialist air charter company dedicated to going beyond the highest standards the industry offers. We have decades of experience in the private jet niche with primary focus on safety, integrity & reliable partnerships providing you with unsurpassed and cost-sensitive service.

AV8 has an extensive network of operators with a large range of aircraft to choose from, which provides us the opportunity to match your specific needs to the best possible aircraft for your mission. We rely on trust and strong client relationships which lead to repeat business in a friendly atmosphere. We listen to your requirements, remain mindful of the budget and then offer options from our vetted partners. Safe, secure, private. Let us help you travel with the best of the best. Fly with AV8.

AV8 At Your Service

If you are looking for a quick hop to a nearby city or want to fly into that small mountain town in a turbo prop that a jet just can’t manage, we have you covered. This niche is perfect for our vetted PC-12 and small craft operators that spend the majority of their flying time into and out of airports with terrain and short runways.

On the other end of the spectrum, we are also highly experienced in chartering long-range aircraft to both domestic and international destinations. We will provide you with real-world expectations including cost and lead times for more difficult locations around the globe. We know because we’ve been there, and as new regulatory challenges continue to arise, you can rest assured we will be there to help make your trip a success every step of the way.

AV8 Medical Flights

When you need the fastest possible option for a medical emergency, we can help. Our medical flight partners operate domestically and internationally 24/7/365. Professional, dedicated physicians along with medically-equipped aircraft are ready to go when you need them most – right away. For this specialized service we encourage you to pick up the phone and speak to one of our dedicated team members directly. Online quotes and email messages are great, but when your health or the health of a loved one hang in the balance you need get moving right away. Call us directly for any medical-related flight and we will get you moving as fast as possible.

Safety is Our #1 Priority

AV8 is dedicated to a safe flying environment for own personnel and every client we work with. Operational safety is at the forefront of every trip. Every operator we partner with and every aircraft they launch goes through all FAA/DOT safety regulations as well as third party safety audit standards such as IS-BAO, Wyvern, ARGUS or Air Charter Safety Foundation. We require all air carriers and their crews to be equally committed to safety and reliability so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the flight.

AV8 Charter Quote

Call us at (219) 707-5911 or email charter@av8air.com to receive a prompt quote on the aircraft of your choice for your next trip. Our charter team members will follow up with all the information you need to make the best decision. We look forward to hearing from you!